Well, the Bears are 3-0 and it is very hard to believe…  Every win this season has been BEARly.  This week was no exception and we began to see flashes of “Bad Jay” — the interception machine (Jay Cutler) from last year.

But, in the end, all that matters is the score: BEARS 20, PACKERS 17.

I will take a sloppy, undeserved win over a well played undeserved loss any day.

On thing did happen in the win over the Packers that should really make Bears fans giddy though…  THIS:


With Devin Hester once again returning punts for TDs (one was returned for a TD and another was close) this becomes a HUGE advantage for the Bears.  You see, it is not just about the touchdowns.  Football is a game of field position…  The closed your offense is to the endzone when they get the ball, the better their chance of scoring…  PERIOD.  And, if you have a return-man (Hester) who opposing teams are afraid to kick the ball to, you start to get consistent good field position.  In my opinion, the FEAR of Hester was the #1 contributing factor to the Bears’ 2006 Super Bowl run.  Teams were willing to give the ball to the Bears with great field position just so they wouldn’t have to deal with a Hester return.

Now the Bears head to the Meadowlands to play the Giants who are hungry for a win.  This will be a dangerous game for the Bears – but, IF they win and go 4-0 it seems impossible to believe they will not be in the playoffs this winter.  🙂


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