Well, this season of The Office is off and running — literally.  Michael, Dwight, and Andy are participating in creating a Parkour video.  What is parkour you ask?  (see video)

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Let’s just say that the trio from The Office didn’t create such amazing athletic footage.  It was a great way to start off this season — with some physical comedy!

We also quickly learn what we already kinda knew…  That Pam is carrying Jim’s baby.  And then we learn something we didn’t know…  That Stanley Hudson is having an affair.  Uh oh!

Thanks to some interns, Michael becomes aware that Stanley is seeing someone on the side.  He then proceeds to tell everyone in the office.  Which, of course, he is proud to do — after all, HE has some inside juicy gossip.

Thanks to Jim, Michael begins to realize that perhaps spreading word about Stanley’s affair is not a good idea.  But, as Michael points out “you can’t unsay what you’ve already said” (ok, that is not the exact quote)…  So, his plan?  No problem, he will just spread crazy rumors about everyone in the office.  If he does that, people in the office will realize the information going around is not true and, thus, realize that the rumor about Stanley’s affair is ‘not true’.

In the end, Michaels rumor mill does work…  At the expense of Pam & Jim.  He tells people that Pam is pregnant, unaware that she actully does have a bun in the oven.  The couple had wanted to keep their pregnancy private but confessed in order to protect Stanley.  (If you want that last sentance to make sense, watch the show!)

Anyway, I’m sick of blogging…  The point is — THE OFFICE IS BACK!!  YHOOOOOOOOOOPPPPIIIIIEEEE!

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