Well, it was another year at the WCCT Family Fun Day — a great tradition started and organized by my wonderful wife.  Family Fun Day is a day where people from the Williams County Community Theatre get together for as picnic and some softball.

This year there weren’t as many players as in years past as the WCCT has a show coming up soon and some of our regular players had to work on the set.  However, we still managed to fill two teams with the help of an all-time pitcher (thanks Beth!).

Enter this year’s game I was 0-2 and I was bound-and-determined to get my first win this year.  I even made sure I would have the benefit of Zach on my team (always a strong player).  Since John was unavailable 🙁 I thought I had a very good chance of winning — FINALLY.

Things started well, after the first inning my team had a 5-2 lead and I was actually starting to feel guilty thinking it might be a blowout.  But after the 2nd inning I felt a little better; we were still winning but it was a close game.  The score: 8 – 6 heading into the 3rd and final inning.  Hey, were theatre people and were old.  Any more than three innings and we do start to sing showtunes and drop dead.

The third inning was interesting, the opposing team (consisting of Lisa, Jamy, Eddie, and Jose) scored 5 runs making it 11-8…  But we (Zach, John R, Megan, and myself) still had yet to bat.  Since we were averaging 4 runs per inning I was not concerned.


Even Zach couldn’t get the ball out of the infield in the third inning!  The ending score was 11-9 and I now stand alone at the BOTTOM of the record list at 0-3.  Yep, that’s right.  NOBODY ELSE IS 0-3.  The next worse record is 0-1 or 1-2…  Meaning EVEN if I get a win next year, I will STILL have the worst softball record in the WCCT!  Eeech!

The problem is — several people have expressed that they do not want to be on my team next year.  🙁  I just don’t know how to break the curse — oh, and before you start thinking I just stink at softball let me say this…


Am I boasting there?  Come on!  I have the WORST record, you gotta give me something!

The good news is that my dear friend Jamy is now 3-0 and my beautiful wife, Lisa, now has a win.  Also, with 6 (count them SIX) RBIs my wife was undoubtely the MVP!!!  GO LISA!!!

For me, it’s once again “maybe next year”.  Hopefully John (John O!) will be playing then and will agree to be on my team.  Until then maybe my friends will take it easy on me and not razz me too much about my win-less record.  We will see!

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